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The Study in Series

Magazine Advertising in Japan

The Study in series features New Zealand, Australia, Philippines, and Italy. With many more on the way.

Unlike most study-abroad magazines, the Study in series are country specific magazines. Each one covering the education, lifestyle and culture of only one country. This allows the magazine to explore the countries characteristics on a whole different level than more general magazines. It also leaves room for a more visual and design focused approach. This enables editors and designers to raise the profile of each country as a study destination.

The Study in series is sold in bookstores. This means that unlike the free papers and pamphlets that are distributed in large volumes, each reader of a Study in magazine has already invested in the idea of studying abroad. Not only are they invested in going abroad, but they have often already decided where they want to go. This means that our readers are buying the magazine often for the sole purpose of finding their future education provider. A customer paying for information about schools are normally far down the sales funnel and very close to enrollment. Precisely where you want to reach them.

Study in magazines. A quality ad, for a quality audience.

Reach the right audience

Available online

High production value

With an ad in Study in, you reach an audience that are already invested and commited to the idea of studying abroad. A reader who has paid for information is a high quality prospect.

An ad in Study in is much more than just another magazine advertisement. It's a proffesionally produced and edited article that promotes your institution to a highly targeted audience.

Each Study in magazine is also available online as an interactive web portal, filled with the latest news, interesting blogs, and relevant information for prospective students.

Quality over quantity

A professional look

Interactive content

Study in is focused entirely on quality; From magazine content to target audience. As any marketer knows, one quality lead is better than two average ones. With Study in you get quality all the way.

It's not just about being seen, but where you're seen. Study in offers you the absolute best in production value in a one-of-a-kind study abroad magazine. They say any PR is good PR, but great PR is even better.

On the Study in website, institutions have the option of uploading videos, sharing social material and promoting campaigns to complement their magazine advertsiment and other marketing ventures.

Study in - Because quality matters

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The Study in magazine series

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What is the Study in series?

Quality rather than quantity

Circulation and reach

The Study in magazines has a circulation of up to 20,000 copies each year that are sold in bookstores across Thailand & Japan. Besides the magazines that are sold in stores, we also distribute hundreds of copies to study abroad agencies, high school and university study abroad counsellors, and to visitors at study abroad fares. Meaning that not only will you reach the high-quality audience that pays information, but you will also reach in to the office of the agencies, as well as to most of the students that the free papers target.

Each Study in magazine also comes with its own website, full of information, testimonials, videos and much more. Anyone who advertise in a Study in magazine also receives free advertisement on its respective website for a whole year.

Advertise in Japan and Thailand

The Study in series is produced both in Japan and Thailand. This means that you as an advertiser can reach prospective students in both nations with just one advertisement.

Although we’re based in Japan, we work closely with Mac Education who publishes the Study in magazines in Thailand. The Thai magazine is not a simple translation of the Japanese version, but a completely separate magazine that has been edited and designed by Mac Education specifically for the local Thai market.

*The Thai edition is unavailable for some of the Study in magazines.

Tomorrow Inc – Who we are

Tomorrow is one of Japan's most recognized producers of study abroad media. We produce magazines, both in print and online, we run several large study abroad websites, and we offer tailormade marketing and promotional packages for Japanese and foreign clients. We also own several social media platforms with large followings, all based around education abroad and English education within Japan.

Tomorrow has been publishing study abroad magazines and other media for more than ten years. We work closely with hundreds of agencies, organizations, and institutions within the global educational sector. Each Study in Magazine is produced with the support and co-operation of the respective country’s government. Which is a great insurance to our readers that the content is not only correct, but also of high quality.

"We love promoting "Study Abroad" and produce highly recognized magazines and websites in Japan. We assist students, and their parents, by providing useful and reliable information. Initially, we were focusing our services within Japan, however with the growing needs of our client, our mission has expanded to offering our quality services abroad."

Tomoyuki Amano
Founder & CEO, Tomorrow
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