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"Let's Go to High School and University Overseas!"

One of the largest study abroad productions in Japan, with an annual circulation of 20,000 copies in bookstores. Targeting readers who are looking for a school abroad.

Schools and Programs

Detailed information about schools and spefic programs and courses.



Informative Articles

The magazine is full of informative articles and useful information for students.


Well Known Brand

The magazine celebrates it's 15 year anniversary this year and is one of most well known brands within study abroad media in Japan.

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A Great

"Here at Tomorrow we take great pride in our publications. Our goal is to make magazines that our readers love to read, and that our advertisers  love to be seen in. A win-win-win situation that everyone is happy with is what we always strive for, and we're always looking for new ways to expand our services even further. "

- Fridrik Juliusson
Sales & Marketing , Tomorrow

"We love promoting "Study Abroad" and produce highly recognized magazines and websites in Japan. We assist students, and their parents, by providing useful and reliable information. We have been focusing our services within Japan, however with the growing needs of our client, our mission has expanded to offering our quality services abroad."

- Tomoyuki Amano
Founder & CEO, Tomorrow

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Targeting both students, and their parents

Let's Go to High School and University Overseas! contains fun and useful content and articles for students from middle school up to university. But because the parents in most cases will be the ones who has to pay for the education, we make sure to also include all the detailed information a parent would want. We aim to spark the interest in the younger readers, and also help the parents to make an informed desicion about the school and program that they send their children to. We believe that by helping the parents get the information they want, we make it easier for them to commit. And an informed choice of education will lead to a better experience for both student and parents, along with the education provider.

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